Team Yachad
June 22 2017
Melabev Sunset Hikefor Alzheimer’s Care

MIchal Berman

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  • Sanford Gruenfeld ₪63.36

    Hatzlocha Rabba!

  • Yvonne Baynash ₪200.00

    Go Michal & Ayelet!

  • Andrew Goldman ₪100.00

    Go for it Michal

  • Devorah Yaffa Singer ₪100.00

    I'm really proud of you. Go for it and may Hashem give you the strength to go all the way in this endeavor and in every endeavor! love devorah

  • Anonymous ₪100.00

    Thanks for including us in this mitzvah Kol Hacavod Michal and Ayelet!

  • Deborah broder ₪180.00
  • Debralee Goldman ₪180.00

    Fantastic idea, enjoy every minute!

  • ליסה ואלי זילברברג ₪100.00