Team Yachad
May 21 2020
Melabev Sunset Hikefor Alzheimer’s Care

Hike Description

Ayalon Canada Park

North of the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv Highway, between Shaar Hagai and the Latrun Interchange, lies the beautiful Ayalon Canada Park. The park is named after the Ayalon Valley that lies at its feet, and in recognition of the contribution for its development from friends of JNF Canada. It is a national park stretching over 7000 dunams and incorporated into Israel in 1967. The park is rich in natural woodland scenery, springs, planted forests, and especially fruit trees, which are visible throughout the area. The natural topography of the Ayalon Valley has made it a very desirable location since ancient times because of the fertile soil which benefited from the water that flowed into the valley. The Ayalon Valley has been cultivated since the dawn of history.

There are fascinating historical sites in and around the park, such as an aqueduct, burial caves, secret tunnels, a crusader castle, and church ruins. Many battles took place here, fighting for control of the valley. One of the most famous was the war between Joshua and the Canaanite kings, which ended with the famous cry, “Sun stand still in Givon, and the moon in the Ayalon Valley” (Joshua 10:12.) The Ayalon Valley is where the first battles of the Hashmoneans took place from 167 to 165 BCE.

Two hike options:

  • Short Hike –easy trail (approximately 1 hour)
  • Longer Hike – slightly more challenging (approximately 1:15 – 1:30 hours)

Cost – Donation Commitment (sponsorship encouraged, enabling others to share in the mitzvah) Payment options available.

Adults – ₪750         Children 10 – 16 – ₪400 (9 and under free)       Soldiers and Bnot Sherut – Free

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 Departure Information

  • Place: Har Herzl Cemetery parking lot 21.05.2020
  • Time: 16:30 check-in and receive T-shirts / Departure 17:30 / 18:00 hike begins

    For more information: 073-796-3959 ♦