Team Yachad
June 27 2019
Melabev Sunset Hikefor Alzheimer’s Care

Leah Yerushalmi

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  • Anonymous ₪101.00

    By sponsoring me as a walker at Melabev's annual Sunset Walk you're helping to support their excellent daycare centers for Alzheimers' patients in Jerusalem and in neighboring communities. Please join again in 2019 in giving Melabev your support!

  • Hinda Glassner ₪50.00

    Good for you girl

  • Lee Kraft ₪357.12

    In memory of Sue Tourkin-Komet

  • Wendy and David Bar-Yakov ₪120.00

    Go girl, go!

  • Tori Tourkin ₪89.29

    May you be VICTORIOUS in your goal!

  • Michael Chernick ₪180.25

    It’s wonderful that you are doing the walk again this year. Michael