Team Yachad
June 27 2019
Melabev Sunset Hikefor Alzheimer’s Care

Herby Dan

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  • Chaim Wasserman ₪180.27

    Waiting for your potato kugel in Efrat Dekel

  • Mark Davidowitz ₪270.41

    In memory of Lillian Klaff

  • Arnie and Leah Rotter ₪360.55
  • Solly Dan ₪360.55

    Take care of yourself!

  • טוביה ויקטור ₪120.00

    kol hakavod to Herby

  • Steve&Susan Rosenblum ₪194.80

    Way to go, Herby! We’re rooting for ya! Susan and Steve Rose in Bloom